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The Goal


Here is The Goal. This team is going to grow into THE elite basketball team in north-eastern Maryland. Boys will come, and boys will go, but the boys who stick, the boys who grow up with this team, will make up a family that comprises the best basketball talent of our region. As these boys reach their teenage years, each will be known in the community as one of the best basketball players in their county. They will be leaders on their high school teams. They will play against each other in high school games, but when the game is over, they will have a brother on the opposite team that they share a bond with from years of playing together. The boys will always have this thing, this one thing, that sets them apart and makes them special. As parents, we hope that we can give our children that little something that they can be best at, that can give them a special pride and confidence. We will work together on this team to make that hope a reality. That is The Goal.

I wrote that mission statement above in 2008--when the kids were in 3rd grade, by the way-- and never changed it. I'd say we did pretty well :)